Since 1998, I’ve been a hydrogeologist in the Arizona water resources industry with a focus on groundwater investigations and the design and installation of wells for municipalities and water companies. This involved a major commitment to provide the public with the highest quality assets by coordinating people and equipment using science to solve problems. During this time, my wife and I had been slowly transforming our yard in Central Phoenix to an oasis garden for people, pollinators and other creatures. 

In 2015, my life changed with the diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes. I was no longer able to maintain my commitment to the industry and control my blood sugar levels. Taking a break from industry, I participated in University of Arizona Master Gardener program in 2016 and was hooked. Later that year, I decided to be my own boss and provide landscape and garden services to friends and family while continuing my education. With the completion of  the U of  A SmartScape Program and  Arizona Landscape Contractors Association (ALCA) Level I program, I discovered about 1/3 of our water is wasted by poor irrigation systems.

With my education and skills, I realized I could significantly contribute to water conservation and critter habitat by helping folks with their residential irrigation needs. In 2018, I completed the ALCA Sustainable Landscape Management and Irrigation Technician II training programs. While watching happy clients transplant sad looking starts into their new gardens, I decided to grow and sell my own garden starts in 2018.