sustainable practices for garden maintenance – feed the soil
  • add 2-4 inches of compost to the top of the soil after each growing season
  • for most benefit – add worm castings on top of the compost (no more than 11% volume of the compost)
  • cover the castings and/or compost with 2-4 inches of mulch
  • no till –  reduced to no fertilizer use
low-maintenance gardens use
  • season-appropriate plants
  • 12 inches or more of garden soil
  • earth bed or bottom of raised bed in contact with the earth
  • drip irrigation with pressure compensated emitters
  • monthly irrigation schedule or smart controller
garden starts can provide you help with each of these elements from delivery of compost & plants to garden labor to irrigation upgrades to programming your smart controller
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reliable sources of garden & landscape information – university researched – peer reviewed – free

planting calendar for Maricopa County

garden & landscape info from University of Arizona Agricultural Extension

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