How are landscapes and gardens sustainable?

Sustainability is all about definitions.  TLG considers sustainable landscapes and gardens that use practices which:

  • Conserve water and other resources
  • Maximize plant and soil health
  • Reduce waste, labor, chemical fertilizers
  • Promote pollinators and other wildlife

How to conserve water? Get an irrigation audit and increase the efficiency.

How do I make my plants rock? Select the right plant and plant in the right place, maintain based on the life cycle of the plant. Gardeners – feed the soil, select quick to ripen varieties and plant based on calendar.

How to reduce waste and labor? Stop trimming plants in the wrong place! This will be an entire blog. Replace those plants with the right plants which can grow naturally and are maintained based on the life cycle of the plant.

Feed the soil to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers. Team with bacteria, fungus and other soil biota by use of compost, mulch, and no-till practices.

To promote humming birds, butterflies, and other wonderful critters – plant native trees & shrubs for habitat, grow annuals & perennials for food, provide water by installing a water feature such as a fountain.


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