cool-season plant notes pdf

Plant NamePlant IDNotesmax plants per one square footmax plants per two square feet
Rocket ArugulaAruRpartial to full sun, young leaves are mild, older leaves are spicy49
Early Wonder BeetBeeWcan harvest 1-2 leaves at a time allowing the root to grow49
Waltman 29 BroccoliBroWside dress with fertilizer, freeze chopped leaves to cook later1
Long Island Improved Brussels SproutsBruLside dress with fertilizer, protect young plants from frost1
Golden Acre CabbageCabGnew heads will form if bottom leaves are left after first pick12
Red Acre CabbageCabRnew heads will form if bottom leaves are left after first pick12
Early Snowball CauliflowerCauStie leaves over head to protect from sun, harvest entire plant12
Fordhook Swiss ChardChaFharvest outer leaves at base, allow inner to grow24
Pak ChoyChoPharvest older leaves allowing the younger to grow12
Georgia Collard GreensColGhavest leaves from bottom of stalk, allow top to grow12
Bouquet DillDilBfast growning, early, prolific12
Mammonth Island DillDilMsweetest dill available, 4 feet tall12
Endive Frisee EndFharvest outer leaves at base, allow inner to grow12
Finocchio FennelFenFminimize disruption of roots when planting12
Lacinato KaleKalLcan grow year-round in some locations12
Purple Vienna KohlrabiKohPharvet young for best flavor when bulb smaller than 2" 24
Black-Seeded Simpson Looseleaf LettuceLetBprotect from frost24
Parris Island Cos Romaine LettuceLetP10" stalks, harvest entire plant12
Southern Giant Curled MustardMusGgrows fast and tolerant to extreme conditions12
Curled, Forest Green ParsleyParFbest parsley fresh for salads12
Italian Flat-leaf ParsleyParIbest parsley for drying12
Bloomsdale Long Standing SpinachSpiBgrows fast, hardy, slow to bolt49
Golden Globe TurnipTurGharvest entire plant, root and leaves can be eaten49

pepper tomato – season plant notes pdf

Plant NamePlant IDNotesmax plants per four square feet
Cal Wonder 300 TMR Sweet PepperPepC75 days - 4" block. Green turns red at maturity, mild1
Anaheim Semi-Hot PepperPepA77 days - 6" long. Green then red at maturity, mildly-hot1
Early Jalapeno Hot PepperPepJ66 days - 3" long. Green then red and hotter with maturity1
Punta Banda TomatoTomBDeterminate - 68 days. Red, small, paste tomato, little juice1
Large Red Cherry TomatoTomCIndeterminate -75 days. Can reach over 10 feet in height, sweet1
Golden Jubilee TomatoTomGIndeterminate - 80 days golden- orange, medium, low acid1
Pearson Improved TomatoTomIDeterminate - 70-75 days. Red, mediuim, thicker skin1
Porter Improved TomatoTomPIndeterminate - 65 days. Pink, small, very heat tolerant1
Roma TomatoTomRDeterminate - 70-75 days. Red, classic paste & sauce tomato1
San Marzano TomatoTomSIndeterminate - 76 days. Red, paste tomato, large vines1
Texas Wild Cherry TomatoTomTIndeterminate - 73 days. Red, small, sweet, best eaten fresh1
Great White TomatoTomWIndeterminate - 75 days. Large, yellow-white, low acid, sweet1
Yellow Pear TomatoTomYIndeterminate - 70 days. Small, yellow, low acid, sweet1