Sustainable and Easy Gardening Practices

  • Use locally produced compost & castings to best feed your soil.  A bag of 1.5 cubic foot (CF) of compost (~11 gallons) will cover 10 square feet (SF) of garden bed to 1.8″ (round up to 2″) – 2 inches of compost is the minimum to maintain/feed the soil for 2 to 3 months.  In our garden, one rotation of cool-season greens consumed about 2″ of compost and about 0.5″ mulch.
  • Use season appropriate transplants to maximize yield and fun time in the garden – pros transplant, you can too.
  • No till – feed the soil, work with the soil food web, let roots till.
  • Don’t add anything to your garden but compost, castings & mulch without a soil test to determine what you need.
  • Only work/till your soil if there is less than 12″ of loose soil.  If you don’t have 12″ of loose soil, use a shovel & broad fork to work compost into the native soil to activate the food web into your soil.  Search ‘double dig’ for a procedure to do this.
  • Use drip irrigation and an irrigation schedule based on the season or month (we can help with an irrigation schedule).
  • Water enough to saturate the soil to 12 inches then allow the soil to dry before watering again (we can help determine how long to irrigate).

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