Winter Planting

Bed will be ready for planting a few days after soil prep, never plant in saturated soil. Will take ~30 minutes to transplant 12 veggies in 8 square feet.

  1. rake back the mulch, expose the surface of the compost
  2. make a plant – place plants (in containers) on bed, space as recommended
  3. dig a hole for each plant the size of the container
  4. plant so the soil in the container ~1 inch below surface
  5. with one hand over the top of the container, invert the container
  6. squeeze the bottom of the container and shimmy the plant free
  7. if the roots are binding the soil in the container, tease the bound roots and soil free
  8. if the roots are not binding, roughen the edge of the soil
  9. place the plant in the hole and tamp soil around the root ball
  10. make a depression/basin around the plant, ~2 inches deep around the plant water
  11. keep the root ball ~1″ below surface, above the bottom of the depression/basin
  12. water in the plants by filling the depressions, ~1/2 gallon per square foot, you can’t over water
  13. cover the surface with 2 to 4 inches of mulch, keep the mulch away from the stem of each plant


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